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Regional and international crises

Faithful to its history and to the principles of the November 1st 1954 Proclamation, Algeria is fully committed, since its independence, to peace and security at the regional and international levels advocating for the non interference in internal affairs, the peaceful resolution of disputes, the establishment of good neighboring relations and cooperation with all states of the regions that it belongs to.

This commitment is guided by the respect of the principles and goals stated in the UN Charter and in  AU constitutive Act to which Algeria is fully adhering to.

It is within this spirit that Algeria carried out, on its initiative or upon request of parties involved in disputes, many successful mediations. It is the case with the mediation during Iraq and Iran borders dispute, which resulted in the 1975 Algiers’ agreement.

Algeria was also asked by the United States of America and the Islamic Republic of Iran to intervene in the American hostages’ crises, who were detained in the US Embassy in Teheran.  This crisis ended with the conclusion of an agreement between the two countries under its auspices.  It also worked, between 1980 and 1982, for the resolution of the Iraq /Iran armed conflict. 

At the African level, Algeria initiated a mediation process between Ethiopia and Eritrea crowned by the signing of a Peace Treaty, in Algiers, in 2000.      With its robust experience in dispute resolution and in mediation, Algeria led several mediations in Mali in order to bring back peace, security and stability in this brotherly country and to preserve its unity and independence, in particular, with the conclusion of the Agreement on Peace and Reconciliation in Mali initialed in Algiers, in 2015, within the International Mediation framework. Furthermore, it initiated a good offices mission between Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan regarding their dispute on the Renaissance dam.

At the Arab level, Algeria brought together in Algiers, the various Palestinian factions to achieve unity of action of Palestinians in their struggle for the establishment of their independent State in the prospect of the Arab League Summit in Algiers, scheduled on the 1st and 2nd of November 2022. Algeria’s initiative was crowned by the signing, on 13th October 2022, of the Algiers Declaration for the Reconciliation of the Palestinian factions.

In order to strengthen Algeria’s action for preserving peace, regional and international security as well as safeguarding  the country’s and vital interests of the country and the ones of the National Community abroad, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and National Community Abroad has put in place a General Directorate of Strategic Watch, Crisis Anticipation and Management with the following missions:

  • To establish the strategy of prevention and reaction to risky situations or crises that could likely   affect vital interests of Algeria and to follow up its implementation in coordination with the involved institutions;
  • To anticipate risky situations through continuous watch  and monitoring early warning signs of outbreaks of instability and the various crises that could  impact Algeria’s national interests;
  • To ensure the Focal point task between national institutions involved and the diplomatic and consular missions accredited to Algeria as well as with any other national or foreign  party affected by the crisis situation;
  • To cooperate and coordinate with the relevant structures of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and National Community Abroad   (MFANCA), national Institutions and the Diplomatic and Consular  missions abroad in order to implement the State policy aiming at protecting members of the national community living  abroad  in the event of crisis.             

In accordance with these missions, the Ministry follows, closely and permanently, all regional and international crises which could impact Algeria’s interests and the ones of the National Community abroad.

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